Made by One

A series of interviews with solo creators

Q: What is Made by One?

Made by One is an collection of interviews with solo creators.

Most web sites are built by a team of designers and developers, but occasionally a web site comes along that is built by just one person, skilled all aspects of web site creation.

These are rare individuals, who are able to create an entire website without much help, and I wanted to showcase their work.

The format of the website was inspired by Uses this, another great interview site you should check out.

Q: When did you have the idea for Made by One?

November 2010. I finally made the decision to build Made by One, when I heard about the launch, I hope to do an interview with Kyle here soon.

Q: How long did it take to build Made by One? Would that have been different with a team?

Just over a day. Made by One is a pretty simple site, so if the developer were in the same room as the designer, it probably would still taken about a day. With a distrubuted team it probably would have taken longer.

Q: How long as the site been live? How is it doing?

The site isn't live yet, well it is if you're reading this, so it must be doing great!

Q: What did you use to build Made by One?

I created a quick mockup in Photoshop, them moved pretty quickly to the browser for flushing out the design.

I used the HTML5 Boilerplate template as a starting point for the front end code.

I used my favorite PHP framework Kohana PHP for the actual build, and decided against using any kind of database, replying on flat files to make sure the website is lightening fast.

The website is hosted at Media Template, on their Grid service.


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